Born and raised in Japan, Etsuko moved to Utah in 2002 to attend the University of Utah after graduating from University in Tokyo. While studying economics at University of Utah, Etsuko took a non-major photograph class and fell in love with it. Now in the process of earning her third bachelor degree. Etsuko uses her camera as a way to find and understanding herself and she also uses her photograph as a language to communicate herself and world.

Artist Statement

“I am looking for myself through the lens. Sometimes old mechanical cameras capture my mind and I can learn about myself from the pictures. I love those moments and I want to know more about myself. I will keep looking into the finder and taking pictures until I can find and understand myself. If you see my photos, you can see who I am and what I am thinking at that moment, because I believe each photograph explains a little bit about me."

Etsuko's work

  • 2013 "Tsunami" Alternative photograph process
  • 2013 "Life" Black and White Silver prints
  • 2012-13 "Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima"Digital Photograph, Video, Alternative photograph process
  • 2012 "Memories" Black and White Silver prints and metal colour prints
  • 2012 "Washing my soul" Video
  • 2011 "City Library" Black and White Silver prints